Ladies and Gentlemen Scratching At The Door

Knocking Was A Major Faux-Pas

At Versailles, something as basic as knocking on a door was a breach of etiquette. It was considered rude, especially when knocking on the door of the king. Instead, courtiers had to scratch on the door, which could then only be opened by an usher. In fact, many courtiers would grow out one of their fingernails just to scratch at doors!

Speaking Of Doors…

Versailles Is Full Of Double Doors – But They Didn’t Open All The Way For Just Anyone

The sprawling palace had hundreds of doors. Dozens of them were double. However, ushers were only allowed to open one of the double doors for most of the courtiers – even for the ladies wearing panniers!

Only the king and his immediate family had the honour of walking through an open double door. King Louis XIV made this rule so everyone living at the palace would remember that they were lower in rank than him.


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