Henry Hamlet’s Heart

As the title suggests, Henry Hamlet’s Heart possesses an abundance of passion and, well, heart!

A sparkling queer YA romance set in Brisbane, Henry Hamlet’s Heart follows one guy and his sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking journey to love.

Henry Hamlet doesn’t know what he wants after school ends. It’s his last semester of year twelve and all he’s sure of is his uncanny ability to make situations awkward. Luckily, he can always hide behind his enigmatic best friend, Len. They’ve been friends since forever, but where Len is mysterious, Henry is clumsy; where Len is a heart-throb, Henry is a neurotic mess. Somehow it’s always worked.

That is, until Henry falls. Hard. For the last person he imagined.

From an exciting debut author comes this passionate story of growing up, letting go, and learning how to love.

What a gorgeous, sparkling gem of a tale! 

Henry and Len jump off the page; their raw emotions and angst are so real they could be your next-door neighbours. 

Debut author Rhiannon Wilde poured her heart into this book. Brilliantly, she gives us characters who don’t really know what they want in life, but this does not impact their drive or motivation. In true YA style, they are still finding out who they are.  

Len and Henry Hamlet come with a collection of friends, the Boiyss, who always have each other’s backs. Their scenes sparkle with such beautiful, brotherly banter.

Henry’s family dynamic was absolutely gorgeous, too, so heartwarming and full of open-minded love. Granny especially tugs at the heartstrings – sharing with her grandson her wise words about love. 

How often do you come across such a mix of diverse characters in a novel that doesn’t simply exist to talk about diversity? Not often. 

Henry Hamlet’s Heart is a treasure of a novel. Not only would I recommend it to absolutely everyone, but I’ll also be revisiting Henry Hamlet’s story soon!


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