Madame Victoire of Versailles: The Royal Connection Game

Welcome to the fascinating world of the Royal Court of Versailles, where power, relationships, and intrigue were as tangled as Marie Antoinette’s hair after a night of wild parties. We’re diving into the captivating dynamics surrounding Madame Victoire, one of King Louis XV’s daughters. Brace yourself for tales of sisterhood, royal favouritism, and the drama that unfolded within the gilded walls of Versailles.

Sisters united: the “Three Graces” take centre stage 

Move over Spice Girls because the ultimate girl group of the 18th century was the “Three Graces” – Madame Victoire, Madame Adelaide, and Madame Sophie. These ladies were tighter than corsets, supporting each other through courtly chaos and giving each other sass that would make RuPaul proud. Their sisterhood was so strong they could probably finish each other’s powdered wigs.

The apple of his eye

Whenever there was a matter of importance, Louis XV sought Madame Victoire’s counsel. He valued her opinions and trusted her judgment. She could sway his decisions with a well-timed quip or a persuasive argument. She had a secret recipe for winning her father’s favour, and she used it to her advantage.

In the corridors of power, Madame Victoire’s presence was felt. She knew how to use her charm and wit to her advantage, solidifying her position as a key player in the palace’s political landscape. Her ability to navigate the complexities of court life and the intricate web of alliances made her a force to be reckoned with.

Madame Victoire’s influence over Louis XV wasn’t just a matter of familial affection but a strategic advantage. She used her position to advocate for causes she believed in, promote her family’s interests, and shape the direction of the monarchy. Her wit and charm were her weapons, and she wielded them with finesse.

In the realm of father-daughter relationships, theirs was a tale of adoration and influence. Madame Victoire knew how to capture her father’s heart and maintain her position as his cherished daughter.

Loyal to the crown

When her nephew Louis XVI took the throne, Madame Victoire had his back like a sturdy corset. She was a fierce defender of the monarchy, more dedicated than a French chef perfecting their sauce béarnaise. Through political storms and turbulent times, she stood tall, ready to protect the crown like a fierce lioness. Talk about having royal blood running through your veins!

Diplomatic manoeuvres

 Madame Victoire was no stranger to diplomatic matters. With a keen understanding of politics, she played a crucial role in diplomatic relations between France and Austria. She acted as a mediator, smoothing out tensions and building bridges between the two countries. Move over, UN diplomats; Madame Victoire was the original master of international relations.


Madame Victoire wasn’t all about parties and politics. She had a compassionate side too. Known for her philanthropic endeavours, she dedicated herself to charitable causes and supported various institutions. She championed the rights of the less fortunate and worked tirelessly to improve their lives. She was like a real-life fairy godmother, spreading kindness and making a difference in the lives of many.

Madame Victoire’s life at the Royal Court of Versailles was a captivating tale of sisterly love, royal favouritism, and grand dramas. Her bond with her sisters brought laughter, support, and eye-rolls that could rival the best comedy shows. Madame Victoire’s unwavering loyalty to the monarchy sealed her place in history as a true defender of the crown. 


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