I am an emerging Melbourne writer. By day I work as a copywriter and digital marketer. By night (or early mornings, on trains, on lunch breaks or in other stolen pockets of time) I write.

I started working in digital marketing five years ago and was immediately in love with the job. It allows me to follow my passions – writing and creative design.

I’m passionate about working with my clients to develop a deep understanding of their business to create concise and compelling content to help them grow.

I am also the proud Editor in Chief of Once Upon a Page, a blog where kids write reviews for the books they read. It is a safe online space for kids to talk about books and gives them the opportunity to have their opinions published online. If you know of any kids who love books, head on over to Once Upon a Page!

I live in the Dandenong Ranges on the outskirts of Melbourne with my young family, two roof possums at war and a cackle of kookaburras out in the gum trees.

Let’s make something beautiful together.