Drum Roll Please, It’s Stevie Louise

Meet Stevie Louise Mason. She’s a vibrant twelve-year-old aspiring actor, entrepreneur, and introvert. Stevie lives on Brooke Street with her best friends, the Brooke Street gang! Today, Stevie is going to ask them the most important question of their lives!  Drum Roll Please, It’s Stevie Louise is a fun, contemporary novel for middle-grade readers. It is …

The Tale of the Whale

The Tale of the Whale is magnificent. A child and a whale begin upon a magical journey, sailing across oceans, diving into the deep. They see a polar bear, dance with dolphins and splash high into the spray. Theirs is a journey that conjures pure joy.

Mina and the Whole Wide World

Mina and the Whole Wide World by Sherryl Clark is a powerful verse novel about loss, bullying and the power of friendship. It explores topics that younger children may not yet have been introduced to, but in a gentle, easy to understand way.