My daughter, who is unequivocally a fantasy-genre girl, came home from school telling me about a historical fiction book she was reading. It’s a story, she said, about a Jewish boy in a Polish orphanage in WWII. I bolted to the library.

Whatever After – Fairest Of All

Sarah Mlynowski sends sister and brother team Abby and Jonah into the middle of our favourite fairy tales in her Whatever After series. But no damsel spends very long waiting for her knight in shining armour once Abby and Jonah show up. Mlynowski manages to pay homage to the classic fables but still adds a modern twist.


By Johanna Spyri Heidi is not just a book for children; adults will find joy here too. You really need to read this book to appreciate it. While we can love the idea of the little girl on the mountaintop, we can't love her without getting to know her. And I did love her. The …

Book Review: The Scandalous Sisterhood Of Prickwillow Place

By Julie Berry The seven young students of St. Etheldreda’s School for Girls are facing quite a displeasing dilemma. Their headmistress, Mrs Plackett, and her bothersome brother have inconveniently dropped dead at their Sunday dinner. The girls are horrified - now they shall have to be separated! It simply won't do. The Scandalous Sisterhood Of …