Ladies and Gentlemen Scratching At The Door

At Versailles, something as basic as knocking on a door was a breach of etiquette. It was considered rude, especially when knocking on the door of the king. Instead, courtiers had to scratch on the door, which could then only be opened by an usher. In fact, many courtiers would grow out one of their fingernails just to scratch at doors! Continue reading Ladies and Gentlemen Scratching At The Door

The Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles was the home to French Kings and Queens. It still stands today; you can even go and visit it. It is the sprawling creation of King Louis XIV who extended his father’s old hunting lodge to create one of the grandest palaces the world has ever seen. In 1682, Louis XIV moved his family into the Palace of Versailles and declared … Continue reading The Palace of Versailles

Bread and the French Revolution

Bread Whole flour, water, salt. The food of life. Sadly, bread has become something else entirely these days where flour is so refined it takes all the nutrients out. Bread, before the invention on packaged yeast, was made simply of flour, water and salt. Because it had no packaged yeast, a dough starter would be left out for days to absorb yeast from the air. … Continue reading Bread and the French Revolution