Emerging Melbourne Writer

I am an emerging Melbourne writer. I write history for young and middle grade readers. The past is brimming with real and fantastical tales which, often, are not known. I believe these stories deserve to be told.

I tell stories that are true. Almost.


A novel – in progress – for middle grade readers

As the youngest of her many brothers and sisters, fourteen-year-old Archduchess Antoine was never considered much more than a pretty doll.

Bit when an alliance between Austria and France must be made, Antoine must seal the deal – by marriage.

Living a completely different life from the royal court Antoine inhabits, Angelique is the daughter of a Parisian baker. She is braver than a street cat and just as willing to fight for her freedom.

When chance brings these girls together, Antoine and Angelique form a complicated friendship. But in a world where social rank means more than who you are inside, this friendship could lead them down a path that ends at the guillotine.