Jillian Magus

A chapter book series – in progress – for independent readers.

What would you do if you got lost in the past? If your whole life changed in the blink of an eye and you couldn’t get home?

Jillian’s life is turned upside down when she learns the family secret – she can travel back in time! But even in such a special family, Jillian discovers there are many more secrets being kept. It seems like a lot of fun until Jillian learns just what this gift has cost her ancestors – and what one of them is doing to get revenge.

Who is that strange woman who seems to be following Jillian through history? Where did this ability come from? And why does Jillian’s family become so afraid of her?

Explore Jillian’s adventures below.

The Gold Miner's Daughters

The Gold Miner’s Daughters

Jillian travels back to the Ballarat Gold Rush in 1862, but she hasn’t quite gotten the hang of travelling yet. Stuck in the past and in terrible danger from bush rangers; how will she get herself home?

The Last Queen of France

The Last Queen of France

A simple trip to buy her mum a birthday present does not go to plan. All Jillian wanted to do was cheer Mum up; she’s always so sad around her birthday.

When Jillian lands in 1782, she accidentally makes friends with the last queen of France. Can she stop the revolution that leads to the queen’s beheading? Should she?

The Geisha

The Geisha

When Chi Chi is caught up in a family feud, Jillian knows she can help. What are best friends for, after all? She takes Chi Chi back to Japan in 1926 to resolve this fight once and for all.

But will they be able to pass themselves off as apprentice Geisha? And who is that woman following them around. Perhaps Jillian can discover something about her long-lost aunt along the way.

The British Physician

The British Physician

There’s something familiar about this physician. Where has Jillian seen him before?

Following the clues around her aunt’s disappearance, Jillian takes a trip to England, 1811. There, she meets the last person she expected to meet, and teaches some young ladies a thing or two about a girl’s worth.