A novel – in progress – for middle grade readers.

As the youngest of her many brothers and sisters, Antoine, an archduchess of Austria, was never considered much more than a pretty doll. But when an alliance between Austria and France must be made, Antoine is contracted to seal the deal – by marriage! Fourteen, married to an awkward stranger and living in a palace where strict, strange rituals are the norm, it’s no wonder Antoine seeks friendship in the most peculiar of places.

Angelique is the daughter of a Parisian baker. She is braver than a street cat and just as willing to fight for her freedom. A terrible accident leaves her father wounded and unable to work. Now, Angelique has a tricky decision to make. Rather than sacrifice her independence to support her family, Angelique takes a job at Versailles Palace where she gets more than she ever bargained for.

Worlds apart yet living under the same majestic roof, Antoine and Angelique form a complicated friendship. But in a world where social rank means more than who you are inside, this friendship could lead them down a path that ends at the guillotine.

This is a story based on the early years of Marie Antoinette – wife of King Louis XVI – with a little imagination sprinkled in.

Learn more about the world of Versailles

France in the 1770s was a very different world. Strange rules and etiquette ruled the lives of those living at the palace. The royal family lived a completely public life and courtiers fought each other for the right to pass the king his boots every morning!

Want to know more about the strange and wonderful world that was Versailles?

The French Revolution

In the time when Marie Antoinette was queen, ordinary French people had very little food and money. Anybody who was not Noble had few rights and had to pay the landowners more in tax than they could afford. The gap between the rich and poor was enormous. With very little opportunity to grow out of their poverty, the common people sought a revolution.

French History

France’s history is full of fascinating stories and people. Did you know that the king set up crazy rules for his courtiers to follow just to keep them busy? And did you know that bread was a major cause of the French Revolution? Find out some more interesting things about French history here.

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