Digital Marketing Services

I am a Melbourne based freelance marketing consultant. I help small businesses build their brands through content, social and SEO initiatives. 

I work as a marketing consultant in Melbourne, specialising in content marketing, social media marketing, writing for SEO purposes, digital strategy and copywriting. I am a strategic and creative thinker when it comes to delivering digital marketing services.

Social media trends are never static. Algorithms are constantly changing meaning your digital marketing needs to be constantly monitored to ensure it is meeting it’s potential. Digital marketing takes time and energy, something you may not have the resources to do.


Social Media Management

Finding the time to run your socials can get tricky, especially when you run a small team. I can manage your social media accounts by creating, posting and managing your content. Regular, engaging content is vital to digital success.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media is so much more than pretty pictures and status updates – these days, you have to pay to play. Did you know that organic content is, on average, shown to only 2% of your followers? But it’s not all bad news – social media advertising is a cost-effective way to find potential clients. A strong and concise social marketing campaign can easily bring new clients to your door.

Visual Content Creation

I create engaging and relevant visual content for clients. Whether you’re looking for creative photos or text-based posts, I can design and create posts for your social media platforms.


Understanding the analytics behind your marketing campaign is vital to its success. Using social and website analytic tools to focus your digital marketing campaign will help us understand where your clients are looking and bring relevant leads to your page.

Writing for SEO

I focus on building your search rankings, organic traffic and conversion rates. If needed, I can rewrite your website to ensure you have the best chance of being found in search results.

Email Marketing

Email lists are a useful tool for keeping your leads warm. Harvest your online data to keep potential clients informed. I write, design and distribute newsletters and emails for my clients.

Why hire a social media marketing expert?

No matter what your business goals are, I’m confident I can help you achieve them through the power of social media marketing. Using social media to advertise your business is so much more than just putting up beautiful pictures – it’s about using a mixture of automated channels and real human experiences to connect with a wide range of potential clients. I can:

  • target existing customers to entice repeat purchases.
  • remarket to prospects who have engaged with your website.
  • utilise data segmentation to serve different ads to specific customers.
  • use tracking pixels and databases to create lookalike audiences.

I take on a select amount of content, copywriting and digital marketing work each month.

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