BLOG: Should copywriters work for free?

That’s a great question! With a complex answer. 

When starting your freelance career, finding clients is one of the toughest challenges you’ll face. Without experience, people may be unwilling to hire you, so working for free might seem like the only way to start building your portfolio. 

FEATURE ARTICLE: Fashionista to Fitness Leader – Cordelia Finds her Passion in an Unexpected Place

From fashion designer to personal training manager, here’s how a cross-country move changed Cordelia Gibbs’ life.

Cordelia Gibbs is a successful personal trainer and personal training manager at Goodlife Health Clubs Camberwell. But not so long ago, her outlook on fitness and exercise was a little different.

BLOG: The Ultimate Guide To Overtime Calculation

If you own or operate a trade business, chances are you’ve got a pretty good head for numbers (or you wouldn’t still be in business!). But calculating overtime is enough to have even seasoned bookkeepers scratching their heads. 

Calculating overtime, we can all agree, is a headache.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Certificate IV in Hospitality

This qualification reflects the role of skilled operators who use a broad range of hospitality service, sales or operational skills combined with supervisory skills and sound knowledge of industry operations to plan, monitor, and evaluate the work of team members. They operate independently or with limited guidance from others, and use discretion to solve non-routine problems.


The Australian Institute of Personal Trainers is Australia’s leading provider of fitness and nutrition courses and has been producing the highest calibre of leaders in the fitness industry for over 20 years. When we launched in 1999, we started with only a handful of campuses across Queensland. Since then, we have grown phenomenally and now boast over 150 campuses and mentors Australia-wide.

BLOG: Business automation and the coming workforce decline

Business automation. Sounds frightening, right? Like, some robot is going to come in and take over your job. Now, some may say that the niggling fear you suppress at the thought of handing over aspects of your business to a computer makes you outdated. Unwilling to embrace change. But that’s not the case – it’s your instincts kicking in. Humans are designed to fear the unknown.

BOOK REVIEW: Future Girl

Reading Future Girl is an incredibly immersive, tangible experience. It is an important book, one that every young adult should read. Written and illustrated by Deaf artist and writer, Asphyxia, Future Girl is an Own Voices story that proves illustrated books are not just for children. Future Girl is portrayed as the art journal of Piper McBride, a 16-year-old Deaf teenager living in a near-future dystopian Melbourne. 

WEB PAGE: AIPT Payment options

At the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers, we believe everyone should have access to quality education, setting you up to start your new career. This is why we have a range of payment options to suit your lifestyle and budget.

The Australian Institute of Personal Trainers offers a range of payment options so that you can pay for your course in a way that suits you. 

WEB PAGE: Foundation Education partnerships

At Foundation Education, we place great importance on the value of our industry partnerships. Through our network of practical placement and recruitment partners, we equip your future staff with the skills they need to succeed within your business and in their careers.

Our placement partnerships are equally beneficial to both Foundation Education and your business.